Green Bit S.p.a.

Founded back in 1989, Green Bit initially started designing high-end electronic boards for wireless applications. Later, it expanded to products based on high-end, FBI certifiedfingerprint biometricsand deployed physical access control and identity management solutions for  banking institutions, government and law enforcement market space. Green Bit constantly improved and expanded the product portfolio, revenues and market share with several large volume deployments all around the globe, proudly catering today to more than 70 countries and several hundreds of customers who trust Green Bit and its high quality Livescans, easy-to-integrate SDKs and aggressive price positioning combined with fast mass production capacities. Green Bit is strictly dealing B2B, offering various solutions to system integrators and solution providers worldwide.



  • LiveScans
    • DactyID (the brand new DactyID20 with anti-spoofing technology)
    • Dacytscan26/26i (single finger Livescans)
    • Dactyscan40i (Dual Finger and Rolled)
    • Dactyscan84c – Standard and Flat top cover(Ten-Prints)
    • Multiscan527/527g (Palms)
  • Development Kits
    • DatcyMatch
    • DactyCard