Compact FAP45 certified dual finger fingerprint scanner

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The Dactyscan40i is a compact FAP45 certified fingerprint scanner integrating a 12 three color leds based graphical user interface to facilitate the acquisition process. It can be used in a wide range of applications where dual, rolled and flat fingerprint acquisition is required: eID enrolment, voter registration, border control and other public authority related applications.

Automatic Acquisition Start and Stop
Sensing of finger placement and automatic acquisition of the image with the highest quality. Quality thresholds for images can be set through the Multiscan SDK.

Rolled Fingerprint Capturing
Self adaptive to rolling speed and direction.

Image Quality Checking

 Dynamic estimation of fingerprint image quality during scanning process.

Correct Position and Slap Completeness Check

Checks for correct finger placing; checks for incomplete slaps due to missing fingers.

Artefacts Detection for Rolled Fingerprints

Controls for correct rolling of prints indicating artefact areas compromising the fingerprint image.

Automatic Diagnostic

Automatic hardware and software checking

Elimination of Latent Prints

Elimination of latent prints originating from recent scans.

Elimination of Dirt

Image is always crisp, clear and well contrasted.

Automatic Format Clipping

Generation of any required image size according to application requirements.

Automatic Image Rotation

Correct rotation of a fingerprint image in accordance with application demands.

Use Cases

Use Cases

eID enrolment, voter registration, border control and other public authority related applications.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Active Scanning Window 1.6” x 1.6”, 500 dpi, Dual flat finger and single rolled finger
Image Quality and Formats FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F (FAP45), FBI-PIV certified, ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2007/2011, ISO/IEC FCD 19794-4, ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000, ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 Interpol Implementation
Interface 2.0
Image Compression FBI certified WSQ compression; further compression formats available are JPEG and JPEG2000.
Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows up to Win10 in 32-bit and 64-bit configuration
IP Rating IP54
Temperature Storage: from -20°C to +60°C – Operating: from 0°C to +50°C
Humidity From 10 to 90% non-condensing
Weight 500 gr.
Dimensions 85,5 x 124 x 80 mm
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS
Options DactyMatch SW