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Multi-modal, scalable ABIS that combines fingerprint identification with an iris or facial recognition modality.

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The DERMALOG ABIS system is a scalable and customizable software package that allows to perform a wide variety of tasks for  processing, editing, searching, retrieving and storing biometric templates and subject records. Separate from our standard AFIS
system, we offer a multi-modal automated biometric identification system (ABIS) which can combine fingerprint identification with an iris or facial recognition modality. Characterized by the utility to tailor deployment models based on unique needs and
market conditions, our modular system is specially designed to meet government agency requirements and delivers fast, secure and reliable results. Dermalog ABIS ensures quick and efficient service while providing information safety through the use
of fault tolerant architecture, disk mirroring, automated database backups, and disaster recovery options.High speed, reliable search capabilityDERMALOG ABIS is a fully customizable software package. It has the ability to perform tasks for searching, storing, processing biometric templates. Fingerprints of a subject can be  matched with biometric facial or iris data.Easy to Implement

The DERMALOG ABIS provides all the necessary components to enroll biometric identities into a database and to perform 1:N searching or 1:1verification.
Requests into the DERMALOG ABIS are rapidly Integrated into a business application using a simple interface. This interface provides intuitive enroll and search functions. Built-in applications solve common problems without starting over.

Manageable Workflow

The DERMALOG ABIS provides storage and forwards complex transactions, based on latest biometric standards. Workflow definitions are defined as to allow your IT staff to adjust workflow rules as your business needs change with minimal effort or time.

Commodity Hardware

The DERMALOG ABIS uses only hardware for the best possible price-performance. Select operating systems to match your IT strategy and available IT


The DERMALOG ABIS has been designed to handle high volumes of biometric data throughput over large identity databases. Engines can be added incrementally to increase record capacity and search throughput, and to reduce response time.

Built-in Fault Tolerance

The DERMALOG ABIS allows ABIS operation to continue without interruption. The DERMALOG ABIS can be configured for near-continuous operation.

Simplified Expansions

More search core components allow you to expand the database size, increase search volume, and reduce search response time as your business needs evolve.



Fingerprint Matching:
The latest generation of DERMALOG fingerprint technology incorporates new and more accurate high-speed filters for fingerprint identification in increasingly larger populations. Tests conducted place DERMALOG in the top tier of fingerprint technologies – the result of more than 20 years of continued improvement in fingerprint matching technique.Face Recognition:
DERMALOG face technology, combining feature and skin matching biometrics, has improved verification rate performance for one-to-many applications and is considered one of the best technologies in the world. Additional tests have resulted in a facial recognition rate raised far above the FAR (Failure Acceptance Rates).Key features of DERMALOG ICAO face check

  • Live recording of face images using a standard webcam
  • Live – detection of feature points on the face (eyes, mouth, nose)
  • Live ICAO compliance checks of face features
  • Pose Detection (check on frontal face) with live feedback
  • Background Detection (if the background is homogeneous or not)
  • Occlusion Detection (detects occlusions in the face, e.g. dark sunglasses, scarves, etc.)
  • Mouth open / closed detection with live feedback
  • Automatic face cropping: Possibility to extract the captured face from the background
  • Possibility of facial expressionIris Recognition:
    DERMALOGs technology delivers what some consider to be the most accurate biometric for secure identification. Now in its new generation, DERMALOG iris recognition is an ideal choice for a non-invasive and easy-to-use biometric solution.

Key features of DERMALOG IRIS Regonition

  • Stability – the unique pattern of the human iris remains unchanged throughout one’s lifetime
  • Flexibility – DERMALOG ABIS iris recognition technology easily integrates into existing security systems or operates as a standalone
  • Uniqueness – the probability of two irises producing the same code is nearly impossible