Dermalog LF1

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BSI and FBI-PIV certified fingerprint scanner with scanning sequence

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DERMALOG offers integrators the considerable advantages of fingerprint identification. The LF1 is the world’s smallest optical fingerprint scanner with space-saving dimensions of 29.4 mm x 43.4 mm x 13,7 mm and a light weight of only 16 g.

However, it offers a large capture area of 13 mm x 17 mm and reliably delivers top quality high-resolution image results. This guarantees the scans can be compared to even very large databases.

Its uniquely compact size and outstanding technical characteristics make the DERMALOG LF1 extremely versatile. It is perfect for biometric identification, e.g. with physical and logical access, time recording and check on attendance, point-of-sale terminals or vending machines as well as printers, mobile devices, safes or even door locks.

The DERMALOG LF1 has been designed as an OEM-device meant to be integrated into customers’ products. Integrators can quickly add the advantages of DERMALOG fingerprint identification to their own applications – as fingerprints are unique and the best possible password.

Optionally the LF1 can be supplemented with the DERMALOG Embedded Board. This ensures support for fingerprint scanning with DERMALOG Fingerprint Scanners even on low performance platforms such as POS devices. The DERMALOG Embedded Board provides the necessary computing power for fingerprint capturing, coding and matching for the cost of a little increment in power consumption even for Android systems. This enables almost all customer devices to make fingerprint queries and manage them correctly.

Doors opened by fingerprint – practical, safe and reliable.
DERMALOG’s LF1 replaces ID and access cards and offers customers secure access control, even for security restricted areas that need special attention. Thus, the LF1 may help to prevent the loss of machines, equipment or sensitive company data.

Point of Sale – better and quicker service.
DERMALOG’s LF1 enables fast and secure handling of goods and services by providing companies with necessary identification data and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Purchases can be completed even if passwords or PINs are lost or forgotten. The LF1 makes debit or credit cards redundant that can be stolen or have to be re-issued.

Desktop access by fingerprint ¬– secure and time saving.
The DERMALOG LF1 makes PIN-codes and even sophisticated and strong passwords redundant and provides additional security to computers. It scans fingerprints within fractions of a second and compares them to even very large stored databases. While passwords can easily be sniffed, guessed or stolen, biometric data is unique and biometric identifiers can’t be forgotten.

DERMALOG fingerprint technology – enhancing mobile and multiple other applications.
The benefits of fingerprint identification can be added to a wide range of applications. These include kiosks, vending machines or devices in our increasingly mobile world.




  • Numerous applications thanks to extremely light weight and spacesaving dimensions – flexible and easy integration in a growing set of OEM devices
  • Simply place a finger on the scanner area and immediately see the fingerprint image on the screen in greatest detail – no initialization necessary
  • Cost-effective device of choice – fast, accurate and reliable
  • Covers multiple applications like ID cards, verification and mobile applications with exceptional robustness
  • High quality fingerprint images – no reference images required
  • Best against disturbing light – no side effects caused
  • Excellent quality even with wet or dry fingers – best-in-class performance

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Fingerprint scanning window size (optical): 17 mm x 13 mm
Image resolution: 500 dpi
Dimensions & weight: width:  29,4 mm x highth: 13,7 mm x depth: 43,3 mm;
Gewicht: 16 g
Power supply: (USB – powered)
Interface: USB 2.0 high-speed isochronous
Enclosure: Polycarbonate
Lighting: Green + IR
Certifications: FBI PIV, CE, RoHS, WHQL
Compliance BVN