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Patented two in one device to capture fingerprints and signatures on the same surface.

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The LF10 is the first tenprint and rolled fingerprint scanner with integrated Spoof and liveness Detection against fake fingerprints and cut-off fingers.

Dedicated special light sources and optical technology for Liveness Detection ensure the highest possible security against attacks with fake fingers and even against attacks with cut-off fingers.

Unchallenged image quality is another major advantage of DERMALOG’s LF10 fingerprint scanner. Latest optics and fingerprint live scan technology ensure the best possible image quality for plain tenprints and single prints as well as for rolled fingerprints. Even pores can be seen in the “enlargement” mode.

The capability to capture rolled fingerprints is another major feature of the DERMALOG LF10 fingerprint scanner. With its large scanning window the LF10 is optimized for creating high quality images.

Customization –One System Fits Numerous Requirements

Since preconditions differ throughout the world,every customer has different expectations. Thus,all our hard- and software experts are capable ofcustomizing our systems to put them closelyinto line with various requirements. As a result,DERMALOG’s solutions are as adaptable as possible.

Two in one Device –Capturing of Fingerprints and Signatures

Dermalog has applied for a patent using a fingerprintscanner as signature pad. Hence, the LF10is a two in one device to capture fingerprints andsignatures saving desk space and providing oneless point of failure.

Support directly from the Manufacturer –DERMALOG is your partner in biometric technology.

The sustainability of DERMALOG’s biometric products is ensured by our availability of

strong maintenance and outstanding support. This applies to the LF10 as well.DERMALOG cooperates with established local partners and organizes on-site supportteams consisting of high professional specialists. These local teams are fully involvedin the project execution and cooperate closely with the DERMALOG staff. We putemphasis on the transfer of skills and required know-how to the customer’s staff. Thus,the local support team provides first-level support. Issues that are beyond a local supportteam are handled by DERMALOG staff on a second level basis.




  • Fake detection to prevent attacks with fake fingers operating with dedicated special light sources ensuring the highest possible security
  • Instant fast capturing – no initialization required
  • High-quality images – no reference images necessary
  • Best against disturbing light – no side effects caused by other light sources
  • Excellent results for both dry and wet fingerprints
  • WSQ Fingerprint Image Compression, FBI-certified
  • Automatic NIST Fingerprint Image Quality Checking Module
  • Automatic Fingerprint Segmentation Module
  • Fingerprint coding and matching routines available
  • Plain ten prints as well as rolled fingerprints
  • Captures signatures on the fingerprint surface




The DERMALOG fingerprint scanner LF10 is delivered with a comprehensive package of state-of-the-art software and SDKs. It can easily be integrated into a wide range of applications. The package includes – among others – the following modules:

  • WSQ Fingerprint Image Compression, FBI-certified
  • Automatic NIST Fingerprint Image Quality Checking Module
  • Automatic Fingerprint Segmentation Module
  • Spoof and Liveness Detection Integration Module
  • Fingerprint Coding and Matching Routines available.
  • Integrated hardware for liveness detection
  • Anti-spoofing to prevent attacks with fake fingers or cut-off fingers

Use Cases

Use Cases


  • Biometric Registration
  • ePassports
  • Law Enforcement – Secure Verification and Identification.
  • Border Management

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Image Quality:

Fingerprint scanning window size: 86 mm x 84 mm
Image size: 81 mm x 81 mm
Image resolution: 1600 x 1600 pixels, 500 dpi
Bit depth: 8 bit, 256 gray levels
Fingerprint image size (BMP): approx. 2.5 MByte
Fingerprint image size
0.4 MByte (Ratio 5:1)
Conformity: CE
EC Directive 2001/95/EC
EC Directive 2002/95/EC
EC Directive 2006/95/EC
EC Directive 2004/108/EC
FBI Appendix F
SGS (Liveness, Spoof and
Fake Fingerprint Detection)


Technical Data:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 120 mm x 163 mm x 238 mm
  • Operating Temperature : 0 to + 50 ° C | +32 bis + 122 ° F
  • Interface: USB 2.0 high-speed
  • USB-powered version available
  • Kensignton Lock support