MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme Edition

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Latest biometric solution from Neurotechnology for fast fingerprint, iris and face matching on the server-side of an AFIS or multi-biometric system for national-scale biometric identification projects.




MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme is a hardware/software solution that provides high speed, high volume biometric identification for national-scale projects.

MegaMatcher Accelerator Extended is designed to run on server hardware with dual Xeon processors and 128 GB of RAM. This version is shipped as an installation CD image that includes Linux OS and fast multi-biometric identification software. Optionally, a ready-to-use solution with server hardware and pre-installed MegaMatcher Accelerator software can be provided.These biometric matching engines can be used with MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme:

MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extended is a family of biometric solutions for fast fingerprint, iris and face matching on the server-side of an AFIS or multi-biometric system. The solutions are intended for national-scale biometric identification projects with millions of people enrolled in the database.

  • These biometric matching engines can be used with MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extended:
    • Fast fingerprintiris and face matching engines that can be used separately or together.
    • Fingerprint, face, iris and voiceprint matching engines that can be used separately or together to validate matching results produced by the fast fingerprint, face and/or iris engines.
  • Available as installation CD image which includes:
    • Debian Linux OS;
    • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extended software.
  • Server hardware is optionally available. In this case the MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extended software will be pre-installed by Neurotechnology on each unit, and the customers will receive ready-to use hardware/software solution.



  • Recognized as a most reliable solution in implementing nation-scale projects like voter registration, border control, passport issuance, national ID, civil and forensic AFIS projects.
  • Available as a ready-to-use biometric solution with server hardware
    or as biometric software that will run on server hardware.
  • Fingerprint, iris, face, and voice modalities supported.
  • Scalable cluster architecture.
  • Support for ISO & ANSI fingerprint template standards.
  • Suitable for duplicates search.

Use Cases

Use Cases

  • National-Scale ID Projects
  • Voter Registration
  • Digital Identification and Certification System
  • Civil and Forensic AFIS
  • Law Enforcement and Defense Sector
  • Border Control, National Security and Passport Issuance
  • Time and Attendance Control
  • Electronic Medical Records Access Control
  • Contract Labour Identity Management


Performance and Scalability

Performance and Scalability

MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extended Performance and Scalability

    Fingerprints Faces Irises
Cluster of MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extended with N units Database capacity N × 40,000,000


N × 10,000,000


N × 50,000,000


Matching speed N × 100,000,000

fingerprints per second

N × 100,000,000

faces per second

N × 200,000,000

irises per second

System Requirements

System Requirements

  • MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme software should be installed on HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen9server hardware with these specifications:
  • HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen9 Server;
  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 v4 processor (14 cores, 35M cache, 2.4 GHz) or better;
  • 4 x NVIDIA TITAN X GPU units;
  • RAM, depending on the number of the biometric engines:
  • 512 GB RAM (8 x HPE 64GB 4Rx4 PC4-2400T-L Kit) – for single biometric engine or two biometric engines;
  • 1024 GB RAM (16 x HPE 64GB 4Rx4 PC4-2400T-L Kit) – for three biometric engines;
  • 4 x HP ML350 Gen9 Graphic Card Support Kit;
  • HPE iLO Advanced lic;
  • HP Smart Array P440ar/2GB 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller;
  • HP 1U SFF Ball Bearing Rail Kit;
  • 4x HPE 800W Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Power Supply Kit.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Database storage capacities for a single MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme unit are:

  • 160,000,000 fingerprint records or
  • 200,000,000 iris records or
  • 40,000,000 face records for each MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme unit.

If a biometric template contains several fingerprint, face and/or iris records, the database storage capacity changes proportionally. The table below shows storage capacities for some combinations of fingerprints, faces and/or irises records. There are no limitations on the quantity of fingerprint, face or iris records in a template.


Database storage capacities for single MegaMatcher Accelerator unit (templates)
One Template Contains: MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme
1 fingerprint record 160,000,000
2 fingerprint records 80,000,000
1 face record 40,000,000
1 iris record 200,000,000
2 iris records 100,000,000
1 fingerprint + 1 face records 40,000,000
2 fingerprint + 1 face records 40,000,000
4 fingerprint + 1 face records 40,000,000
10 fingerprint + 1 face records 16,000,000
1 fingerprint + 1 iris records 160,000,000
1 fingerprint + 2 iris records 100,000,000
2 fingerprint + 1 iris records 80,000,000
2 fingerprint + 2 iris records 80,000,000
4 fingerprint + 2 iris records 40,000,000
10 fingerprint + 2 iris records 16,000,000
1 face + 1 iris records 40,000,000
1 face + 2 iris records 40,000,000
4 fingers + 1 face + 2 iris records 40,000,000
10 fingers + 1 face + 2 iris records 16,000,000



The tables below show the performance of MegaMatcher Accelerator fast fingerprint, face and iris matching engines on the specified hardware. The fingerprint engine specifications are valid for databases that contain flat fingerprint templates with 48 minutiae in average.


MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme biometric engines matching speed
One template contains: Speed (templates per second)
1 fingerprint record 1,200,000,000
1 face record 1,200,000,000
1 iris record 700,000,000


Licensing Model

Licensing Model

  • MegaMatcher Accelerator is a ready-to-use server-side solution that accepts tasks from client-side software. Integrators develop client-side software according to their needs and then deploy the system as a whole.
    • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme licenses; each license allows the use of the included engines on a single server unit:
      • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 fingerprint engine
      • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 iris engine
      • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 face engine
      • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 fingerprint and face engineslicense – the engines may be used as a fused matching engine.
      • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 fingerprint and iris engineslicense – the engines may be used as a fused matching engine.
      • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 face and iris engineslicense – the engines may be used as a fused matching engine.
      • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 fingerprint, face and iris engineslicense – the engines may be used as a fused matching engine.
    • MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme units with server hardware and pre-installed biometric engines. The available engines are the same, as mentioned above.

    All versions of MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 also include Fast Fingerprint Matcher, Fast Face Matcher, Fast Iris Matcher and Voice Matcher components for use in situations where the MegaMatcher Accelerator matching engine is either not required or cannot be used.


    Disaster recovery licenses for MegaMatcher Accelerator software are also available. The disaster recovery licenses are intended for using in disaster recovery centers (DRC). A DRC is a location which has the same equipment as the primary site, completely mirrors the data environment of the primary site and is on standby while the primary site is working. If the primary site fails, the DRC takes over operations.


    Please contact us for more information about the disaster recovery licenses.

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