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NVeiler Video Filter

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Plug-in for VirtualDub that hides faces and objects

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Automatically detects faces in a frame and hides them by using pixelation effect. Also it is capable to track the moving faces in subsequent frames and hide them, as well as detect new faces without user intervention.Users can choose to hide selected faces or parts of the faces, as well as use the plug-in for hiding other objects.

  • Automatic Face Detection

The plug-in’s internal engine is able to detect faces in a frame. All detected faces will be pixelated. Users can configure face detection parameters or disable it.

  • Manual Face Selection

Users can select faces by hand if the automatic face detection is disabled. The selected faces will be hidden whereas non-selected faces will remain visible.

  • Face Part or Non-Face Objects Hiding

The plug-in allows to select and hide a part of a face by choosing a corresponding rectangular region in a frame. Also this method allows to choose non-face objects to be hidden (i.e. car license plates, logos, etc.)

  • Automatic Tracking

Users do not have to deal with all selected frames as each detected face or selected object will be tracked and obscured in all subsequent frames automatically until it will disappear.




  • Automatic face detection algorithm with configurable parameters.
  • Manual selection to obscure only required faces or their regions.
  • Can be also used for hiding logos, license plates and other objects in videos.
  • Automatic tracking helps to hide the moving faces or objects in subsequent frames.
  • Based on our VeriLook and SentiSight technologies.
  • 30-day trial with full functionality available for download.

Technical Details

Technical Details


  • Configurable Automatic Face Detection

Users can adjust three parameters to improve face detection quality: face confidence threshold, smallest distance between eyes and largest face roll angle. See the plug-in’s documentation for more information on these parameters and their values.

  • Supported Video Resolution

There are no general limitations on video size or aspect ratio. However we recommend to provide video files with at least 640 x 480 pixels (or at least 0.3 MegaPixels for other aspect ratios) resolution for confident face detection and subsequent tracking.

  • Frame Processing Performance

An HD video (1280 x 720 pixels) file with several faces in a frame and 15 degrees face roll tolerance is processed at a speed of about 12 frames per second on a PC with Intel Core 2 processor running at 2.66 GHz. The performance is mostly dependent on a frame size and the chosen face detection parameters. The number of faces in a frame has no significant influence on the performance.

  • Technology Background

The plug-in is based on VeriLook biometric face recognition technology and SentiSight object recognition and tracking technology. The VeriLook-based biometric products have more than a million deployments worldwide including access control, identity verification and other security-related applications. The SentiSight is intended for computer vision applications that are able to find the required objects in videos or still images.

System Requirements

System Requirements


The following system requirements are provided for comfortable processing of video files with about 1280 x 720 pixels native resolution:

  • A 2.66 GHz x86 32- or 64-bit processor (or better) is recommended for comfortable HD video processing with multiple faces in a frame. Less powerful processors will also do the job, but at the cost of time.
  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.
  • VirtualDub 1.10.4 (stable) or newer stable version. The newest version can be downloaded at
  • Videos with bigger resolution or dozens of faces in a frame will be still successfuly processed on the same hardware, but will require more time.

Licensing Model

Licensing Model


A license for NVeiler Video Filter plug-in is required for each PC that runs this plug-in. The license is called single computer license.Additional licenses for NVeiler Video Filter plug-in can be purchased at any time. Prices for the NVeiler Video Filter plug-in licenses can be found here.

Licensing Agreement

The Licensing Agreement contains all licensing terms and conditions.Note that you unambiguously accept this agreement by placing an order using Neurotechnology online ordering service or by email or other means of communications. Please read the agreement before making an order.

Single Computer License

A single computer license allows to install and run a NVeiler Video Filter plug-in installation on a single Personal Computer. The license will not be lost if computer will be reinstalled.The installation license should be activated before starting using an NVeiler Video Filter plug-in installation. A deactivation is available in case the license needs to be moved to another PC.
The following license activation options are available:

  • Automatic activation– The NVeiler Video Filter will communicate with Neurotechnology’s server and perform all actions needed for activation. Note that this method requires Internet connection when activating or deactivating the license for the PC with the NVeiler Video Filter software; after the license is activated, the PC no longer needs to be connected to the Internet.
  • Manual Activation– This method is suitable when the PC with NVeiler Video Filter software is not connected to the Internet. The manual activation requires to generate a hardware ID for the PC running the NVeiler Video Filter software and request a license at Neurotechnology web site or by email. See NVeiler Video Filter plug-in documentation for detailed instructions.
  • Use a dongle– This method requires to purchase a dongle (special hardware token) that needs to be connected all the time to the USB port of the PC that runs the NVeiler Video Filter software. No online registration required.

Single computer license activated over Internet or by email is not suitable for virtual environments. The dongle will be required.

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