Biometrics bring security and convenience to drivers, passengers,and autonomous vehicle

Use of biometrics as a bridge to integrate access control solutions with intelligent systems to ensure enhanced comfort and security of the passengers is a current technological trend most favoured with the automotive manufacturers.  Two factor or Multifactor authentication process significantly increases the vehicle’s anti-theft protection measures. Similarly, voice, fingerprint and facial recognition technology have paved way for the authentication process and vehicle personalization by identifying the driver’s face and automatically personalizing vehicle settings, such as seat and mirror position, music, temperature, and navigation based on the driver.

  • Recognition and Identification of Drivers and Vehicles
  • Behavioural Monitoring
  • Alerting emergency services
  • Increases comfort
  • Enhanced level of security
  • Customized security and convenience features
  • Additional security for home automation services and vehicle transactions
  • Perfect suitability for strategic mobility solutions, such as car sharing program, taxis, self-driving, tolls, parking, etc.