Protect National Borders, Infrastructure, And Improve E-Governance

All governments globally are challenged with the issue of identification in order to either percolate the welfare benefits, enhance the security or reduce fraud in the various policies and measures undertaken by them for the benefit of their populations. Biometrics (face/iris/voice/fingerprints), today, has sealed its place as the best technological solution for countering the issue of identity and authentication. Especially, the ease of implementing multifactor identity and authentication solutions involving fingerprints and face modalities, face and fingerprints modalities have become trusted solutions for all government entities irrespective of size and type.

  • Physical and Logical Access Control
  • Travel and Border Security Management
  • Combat Illegal migration and terror attacks
  • Civil ID and Voter Registration
  • Disbursement of government welfare benefits
  • Civil Registries
  • Improve e-Governance
  • Criminal Identification