Biometric applications improve fraud prevention and increase efficiency

Digital transformation in insurance sector has increased the movement of data into the digital domain and thus resulted in fresh security threats. Secure and authentic identity management has reached crisis proportions driving organizations to adopt advanced biometric solutions to protect from new breed of breaches. Voice biometrics and fingerprint based biometrics are being predominantly deployed for secure transaction and authentication of account and network access. Biometric signature technology has forged its way as a trusted mechanism to authenticate the signer with the insurance companies and thus control counterfeiting and fraud.

  • Identify fraud patterns based on speech analytics, talk patterns¬†and various red flag interactions
  • Reducing Claim Fraud and Protecting Data
  • Ensure personalization and thus customer-centricity
  • Agility to connect customers, data, and technology
  • Fraudsters identification
  • Identifying unique voice patterns
  • Identify fraud patterns based on speech analytics and talk
  • Support digital transformation
  • Enable mobile biometric payments
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance