Media & Entertainment

Biometric player assessment using voice and facial biometrics

Media and Entertainment industry thrives on understanding customer behaviours and catering to their sensibilities. Physical (like face,fingerprint,voice) and behavioural biometric (like keystroke dynamics,gait analysis,voice ID, mouse use characteristics) technologies have proved to be of significant importance in this industry to measure and analyze audience feedback and viewer engagement. Especially, speaker recognition (voice biometrics) and face recognition techniques have a wide range of application in media and entertainment. Biometrics are used as a tool to extract and measure relevant viewer engagement information in the media platforms like social media. Combined with automated machine learning and signal processing to generate data, biometrics are proving to be dynamic tools with endless possibilities for content creators and marketers. Additionally, in the gaming industry, biometrics are being used to improve player experience.

  • Biometric player assessment using voice and facial biometrics
  • Speaker Recognition (Voice Biometrics)
  • Speaker Change Detection
  • Language Change Detection
  • Singing Voice Separation
  • Voice/Face De-Identification in Multimedia Documents (for Privacy Protection)
  • Use of Speech and Speaker Recognition in Live TV Subtitling
  • Cancellation of In-Band Noise in Speech Signals
  • Biometric Recognition Over the Internet
  • Targeted advertising and its assessment
  • Online movie recommendations
  • Pre-release testing of movies
  • Augment live productions
  • Perform social media analytics
  • Engage customers in Commerce
  • Market Promotions of products and services.