Biometrics can provide security,tracking and personalized marketing

Retailing has increasingly become highly competitive in the physical as well as digital space and has to counter complex supply chain networks, swelling commodity and energy costs. Prompt and personalized customer service coupled with robust security posture and cost efficiencies has become an essential component in the ever-expanding retail sector. Multi-modal (fingerprint, facial, hand geometry, and vein patterns) biometric technology based security and identification solution is a virtually tamper-proof technology which reduces the vulnerability and risks of the retailers. Implementation of a biometric computer security protocol reduces the chances of pilferage and theft in the supply chain management.

  • Personalized marketing
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Secure payment process (web and mobile)
  • Measure customer engagement
  • Secure POS systems and other devices
  • Access Control
  • Spot shoplifters
  • Behavioural biometrics help to identify signature and voice verification
  • Keystroke kinetics that identify a person’s typing habits