Transportation Logistics

Implement biometric solutions to enhance transportation and cargo security

Ever expanding worldwide commerce is pushing security in the global transportation infrastructure, which encompasses cargo, shipping, logistics and warehousing, to its limits. Transportation, cargo and supply chain security is a raising concern with airports, hub ports for sea and land and border -crossing locations as the world continues to become an increasingly complex web of interconnected transportation services. Government and international organizations are intensifying security measures by adopting biometrics integrated into sophisticated security systems as an irrevocable and unique solution. Biometrics used as an intelligent computerized identification system that recognizes distinctive physical qualities like hand and vein geometry, iris scans, face and digital signatures is an enabling authority to assert identity. It is a reliable and accurate technology to combat the vulnerabilities of the complex and vast logistic network.

  • Identity Management with Cargo cards, digital safety passports, portkey, TWIC credentials, etc.
  • Vehicle and facility access
  • Controlled access to various systems to combat terrorism, sabotage or theft
  • Electronic supply chain Manifest System
  • Eases audit and ensures accountability
  • Electronic-based vehicle tracking manifest systems
  • Surveillanceintegrated with RFID technology
  • Expedite transportation and cargo processing
  • Secure transfer of information across political jurisdictions
  • Operational efficacy
  • Enhanced safety and productivity