One Unified Microservices Platform to Create the Future of Identity Experience for People and Machines.
Provide passwordless trusted identity management services the way you want with speed, agility, security, and cost savings. You are limitless.
Simple pricing for organizations of every size.
Pay for what you need as you scale.

Transforming Identity Security Strategies in Times of Uncertainity

One unified platform to improve the services of ecosystems that serve us

Appointment Scheduling
Identity Proofing
Credential Issuance
Lifecycle Management
Relying Parties
Secure and Trusted interactions with Consumers and Partners
Credentials and Biometric Verification
Identity Attribute Validation
Easy and Convenient
Passwordless Authentication
Secure and Trusted Interactions
Ensured Privacy with Consent
Unifyia Platform Services
Truly modern architecture for effortless growth
Deploy Easier.
Scale Faster.
Secure Smarter.
Transforming Digital Identity for citizens and consumers

The need for modern, reliable, and trusted Digital ID is universal. Take control with the Unifyia all-in-one platform to do more, save more, and scale faster.

It's time to modernize the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and Workforce Identity experience

Simplify identity and credential lifecycle management with a single modern cloud-based platform for your users, partners, and machines. Provide trusted identity, verification, and authentication services wherever they are.

Securely Access Your Favourites Apps with Passwordless Authentication