Defends, protect, and revolutionize identity and access

Mobile Services app can help to issue authorities and relying parties to securely enroll, verify, and lifecycle manages users and their credentials anywhere in the field using a standard smartphone or tablet.


Modernize Next Generation Identity and Access Management with Passwordless Infrastructure

Our vision was to stitch all our products using common REST APIs to provide a seamless unified experience across all products and integrations. The Unifyia Portal, Mobile ID Wallet app, and Mobile Services app all leverage the same roles, policies, and workflows as defined in Unifyia Platform. So, no more standalone, costly, and dysfunctional products to deal with.

Now supporting specific rugged multi-modal biometric tablets and handhelds for customers that require fingerprint and iris enrollment.

Key Features
Passwordless Authentication
Enrollment and ID Proofing
Enroll user information,biometrics, and capture ID proofing documents.
Identity Verification
Validate identity credentials anywhere and anytime
Easy to Use
Support for iOS and Android devices
Third Party Support
OIDC and SAML for Easy Integration
Integrated with Unifyia Platform
Enables you to be productive in real time from anywhere using same workflows and policies define in the platform.
Use Cases
Law Enforcement
Border Control
Civil Enrollment
Voting in Elections
Event / Entry Check-in
To use the Unifyia Mobile Services app, you must have an active Unifyia account. This may already have been provided to you by your organization or issuing authority. Contact your helpdesk support if you are unsure or need information about your account.
Unifyia Wallet is available on Android and iOS.