The Future Is Delivered Now with Unifyia Wallet
Improve end to end user experience for your entire digital life journeys with identity hub that puts you in control. Meet the next generation Mobile ID Powered by the Unifyia Platform.

Identity is the foundation for any issuing organization or relying party to deliver value for users.

For years we have been providing identity credentials for federal and enterprise employees and citizens across the world. Our current and future vision comes from our in-depth experience in providing secure credentials such as passports, driving licenses, resident cards, national identity, and many more identities you carry in your wallet to get access to services.

Secure, Flexible, and Future-Proofed Identity Solutions

Transform everyday lives and deliver a consistent frictionless user experience for all use cases with scale and speed-to-market and centralized management.

Unifyia Wallet Features
Identity hub that puts you in control
Identity Verification
Trust the honest people by letting them prove their identities no matter where they are with intelligently checking the existing ID they have and performing facial verification with liveness detection.
Secure Modern Credentials for Every Use Case
Every identity in the wallet is securely containerized and supports modern credentials as defined by the issuer’s workflows.
Our vision was to provide customers the option to be limitless in designing how the visual identity should look. We kept that promise and added the most advanced security features like rotating digital signature to provide the best looking and most secure digital identities.
Based on the workflow users are issued x509 certificates and used for passwordless certificate-based authentication and secure Single Sign-On (SSO) access to Federated Applications.
Out of the box support for the FIDO2 + WebAuthn standard to deliver strong authentication for fast passwordless, seamless and secure login.
Wallet supports One-Time Passwords (OTP codes) for Unifyia Platform and third-party accounts like Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, and more. The One-Time Password (OTP) changes every 30 seconds and does not require you to be connected to a network, and it will not drain your battery.
To use the Unifyia Wallet app, you must have an active Unifyia account. This may already have been provided to you by your organization or issuing authority. Contact your helpdesk support if you are unsure or need information about your account.
Unifyia Wallet is available on Android and iOS.