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Do more, faster with the leading digital identity services platform for multi-factor authentication, identity issuance, and verification.

Our human-centric focus means everyone deserves the highest level of protection because identity is who you are, what you have, and represents everything you do online and in-person.

The Unifyia Platform is built for identity lifecycle management, so customers can enable the right people and devices to access the right things at the right time, seamlessly and securely from birth throughout the lifetime.

The only comprehensive microservices-based identity platform that provides the core features issuers, users, and relying parties need for a complete trusted identity lifecycle ecosystem.

Features of Unifyia Platform Services

Appointment Scheduling

Staying organized is key to being effective in providing good service to your customers. Appointment scheduling is a configurable module in the Unifyia Platform that lets issuers and customers easily book and manage appointments based on the available slots for different offices.

Issuers can configure schedule slots across multiple locations and customize request forms.

Both registered and anonymous users can book, change, or cancel appointments.

The back-office operators can perform confirm, deny and delete appointments.

The user receives an email upon booking and when appointments are confirmed or denied.

Text message reminders (optional) and WhatsApp reminders (coming soon).

How it works
Data and Biometrics Enrollment with Identity Proofing

The most flexible and secure workflows available in the market to capture personal demographic data and compliance assurance biometrics (face, fingerprints, iris, signature). Perform identity proofing remotely or in-person by supervised operators to meet Identity Assurance Levels in compliance with NIST SP800-63-3.

Get people enrolled faster with more accurate results and ensure compatibility with different IdP / ABIS systems.

Secure and effective process controls to lower the risk of human errors and misuse.

Flexible integration with directories for standard interfaces and customized data synchronization, validation, and export.

Vendor independent client solution to give greater flexibility in the selection of biometric and personalization hardware.

How it works
Secure Portable Credential Issuance and Management

PIV, ICAO, and Mobile ID data preparation and instant issue using various supported personalization machines. Issue and manage high assurance credentials (Visual, PKI, FIDO2, U2F, OTP, Consent, and Physical Access) on trusted authenticators (Smart Cards, MIFARE DESFire, USB Tokens, YubiKeys, and Mobile ID Wallet on iOS & Android).

Identity Verification and Relying Party Services

Onboard, manage, and instantly offer verification services to the relying parties to verify and authenticate with the consent user identity, personal data, and biometrics using standards such as OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect (OIDC) or Unifyia REST APIs.

Know Your Customer (KYC) faster with better accuracy than ever before. Unifyia’s identity verification processes ensure the legitimacy of customers by verifying their identity for risk assessment. Protect relying parties and customer's security and privacy while preventing fraud and financial crimes.

Simplify and Standardize Customer Due Diligence at Every Usecase

Multi-factor Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO)

Instantly leverage credentials issued by the Unifyia Platform to prevent unauthorized access of users and machines. Policy-based multi-factor authentication is available natively in the Unifyia Platform or you can use any industry-standard IAM provider (Azure, Okta, Idaptive, Oracle, IBM, Ping; OneLogin, ForgeRock) to protect corporate data and premises.

Securely Access Your Favourites Apps with Passwordless Authentication
Best-in-Class Passwordless Identity for All Use Cases

Certificate Authority Your Way

Leverage our certificate authority included in the Unifyia Platform or use yours to issue certificate-based authentication, signature, and encryption credentials for smart card login, digital signature, email encryption, and more.

The Unifyia PKI as-a-Service combines years of expertise in PKI, credential lifecycle management, and strong crypto protection with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSMs to provide certificate lifecycle automation into a single platform.

Simplify PKI and Eliminate Expense Costs with Unifyia Platform
Deploy Faster
Start protecting identities and securing access faster without the hassle of procuring and installing costly software and hardware products.
Free Resources and Lower Costs
Let our experts handle the PKI CAs so your team can focus on other key projects. Reduce costs in hardware, software, and operations by moving to the Unifyia Platform.
Scale Globally with Maximum Security
We create your root and issuing certificate authorities with high assurance security while making it available to all of your teams globally to address all use cases to protect your users, networks, and resources.
Products that work with Unifyia Platform
Mobile ID Wallet
Improve end-to-end user experience for your entire digital life journeys with identity hub that puts you in control.The future is delivered now with Unifyia Wallet for iOS and Android.
Mobile Services
Operators that are always on the go can leverage same features as the portal in a simple mobile app for enrollment, verification, and authentication services.
Get started on your Secure Zero Trust journey. How can Unifyia help your agency or organization?