Trusted Identity Management Services

Meet the demands of your customers and provide services to them faster with simplified zero trust identity security that is standards based, easier to deploy, and gives better user experience.


Transform into secure digital identity issuer

Modernize infrastructure and secure your transitions

Create a seamless experience across all relying parties, applications and portals

Reduce time-to-market dramatically

Reduce operations and support costs by millions annually

Protect and make consumers happy by developing trust and enhanced privacy

Trusted identity service that is more accurate, secure, easier, and universal to prevent identity fraud and create trusted experiences each time.

Intelligence-driven secure digital identity to build trust and seamless experiences with people, every time for government issuers, citizens and relying parties.

Our holistic, human-centric approach means everyone honest deserves the highest level of protection because identity is who you are, what you have, and represents everything you do.

A trusted legal identity provides humans access to even the most basic rights and benefits such as education, healthcare, voting, welfare, or financial services.

The Unifyia Platform is built for identity lifecycle management, so customers can enable the right people and relying parties to access the right things at the right time, seamlessly and securely from birth throughout the lifetime.

One unified platform to improve the services of ecosystems that serve us. Trusted identity management services the way you want as an issuer, end user, or the many relying parties we support.
Mobile ID Wallet
Improve end to end user experience for your entire digital life journeys with identity hub that puts you in control.The future is delivered now with Unifyia Wallet for IOS and Android.
Mobile Services
Operators that are always on the go can leverage same features as the portal in a simple mobile app for enrollment, verification, and authentication services.
Key Features
Appointment Scheduler
Easily book appointments, reschedule appointments and capture user information.
Identity Verification
Perform identity proofing remotely or in-person by supervised operators to meet Identity Assurance Levels in compliance with NIST SP800-63-3 or by your countries policy.
Data and Biometrics Enrollment
The most flexible and secure workflows available in the market to capture demographic data and compliance assurance biometrics (face, fingerprints, iris, signature).
Portable Credential Issuance and Management
Issue and manage citizen and visitor identity credentials (Visual, PKI, FIDO2, Push Notification) on smart cards and Mobile ID Wallet on iOS & Android).
Relying Party Services
Onboard, manage, and instantly offer verification services to the relying parties to verify and authenticate credentials and biometrics using standards such as OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect (OIDC) or Unifyia REST APIs.
Multi-factor Authentication
Instantly leverage credentials issued by the Unifyia Platform to prevent unauthorized access.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Single Sign-On more securely with Passwordless PKI Authentication or your choice of one set of credentials to access web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall from PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets.
Certificate Authority Your Way
Leverage our trusted certificate authority included in the Unifyia Platform or use yours to issue certificate-based authentication, signature, and encryption credentials for login, digital signature, or data encryption.
Our Cloud or Your Cloud

You decide if you prefer no-maintenance secure multi-tenant or single-tenant service from Unifyia or in the cloud of your choice. Leverage modern cloud automation and dockerized microservices orchestration.

Continuous Delivery and Faster Deployments

Ready-to-deploy containerize software packages that reduce redundancy and speed up the frequency of new releases.

Improved Fault Isolation

Microservices run independently of one another, so if one microservice fails, requests to it can be rerouted to a failover microservices. Additionally, the scoped nature of microservices lets you deploy new features, updates, changes, or patches to one service rather than the entire app, effectively reducing the costly risks of downtime.

Accelerate Innovation and Future-Proof Your Business

Best-of-breed approach to empower your teams to build new experiences with speed and agility while confidently running your most mission-critical services securely.


Achieve exponential savings with our modern microservices architecture and more features with all-in-one trusted identity management services platform.

Achieve Compliance

Work in accordance with the ICAO, SOC, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI compliance requirements. Meet your compliance requirements with fine-grained control over user and machine access, digital signatures for interactions, encryption, and monitoring.

Get started on your journey of universally trusted and portable digital identity. How can Unifyia help your agency, citizens, and consumers?